Ava Rosen

Adobe Premiere Pro

This project is called “Sound Design.” The purpose of this project was to take the opening scene of Wall-E without the original sound. With the use of Premiere Pro, we could transform the opening scene into our own interpretation of the use of our own original sounds.

This project is called "Narrative Visual Essay" about the effect of negative dance teachers. This project is about noticing that there needs to be change as a negative environment leads to a lack of confidence and even disordered eating. Using Premiere Pro, this project hopes to speak volumes to the dance industry and people who has negative teaching environments.

This project is my Final Project where I was asked to challenge myself. As a Disney enthusiast, I wanted to immerse myself even more into the theme parks as I wanted to ask cast member to choose food items, rides and things to do at one of the parks and plan my day! Using Premier Pro I accomplished the task of putting a day together with cast members choosing what I do!

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

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